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Suzy Shier | Le Château

Suzy Shier is delighted to have partnered with the iconic Canadian legacy brand, Le Château!
Suzy Shier and Le Château: your new fashion house for every need and every mood … from head to toe. Suzy by day, Le Château by night, all in one place!


Welcome to our world, where we're your go-to style experts for the modern woman who wants to look great without breaking the bank. Since 1966, Suzy Shier has provided the latest and hottest trends from around the world at outstanding prices. At Suzy, you'll find styles for all shapes and sizes, from workwear to casual wear to weekend wear, to ensure you look and feel beautiful no matter the occasion. In addition to Suzy Shier's impressive lineup, Le Chateau has developed a reputation as master dress designers, offering a wide-ranging assortment of beautiful and well-priced dresses for all of life's special events. Le Chateau designers are inspired by fashion from around the world, bringing you the latest and hottest dresses, shoes, and accessories to complete your look. Combining affordability and accessibility with high-end design and innovation, Le Chateau offers an exciting experience for fashion lovers everywhere, now available online and in exclusively designed shop-in-shops in 60 of our sister Suzy Shier locations.



We have been an inclusive and diverse leader in the Canadian fashion industry for over 40 years. We value and celebrate our employees' differences, creating a workplace that encourages everyone to be their authentic selves. Our expertise in fashion helps us connect with others and start meaningful conversations. We extend our respect and care to our customers, clients, and business partners by being honest and authentic. At Suzy Shier | Le Château, we empower each other to shine and embrace the true meaning of beauty.



At present, the company's workforce is comprised of over 90 percent women, who also make up the majority of its customers throughout Canada. Moreover, women hold the majority of the positions as store managers (99 percent) and occupy most of the leadership roles in the head office.



Suzy’s Inc is also a proud partner of the Princess Margaret Walk For Cancer. This annual event brings together thousands of participants to raise funds for cancer research and treatment at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto, one of the top five cancer centres in the world. Through its partnership with the walk, Suzy’s Inc has helped to fund ground-breaking research and support programmes for cancer patients and their families. The company also encourages its employees and customers to participate in the walk, demonstrating its commitment to making a positive impact on the fight against cancer.
Although the Walk is officially in September, fundraising happens through-out the year with significant campaigns across the country providing the opportunity for our customers to donate and save at the same time. Team Suzy has raised over $1,000,000 thanks to the generosity of our customers and team members.



Both Suzy and Le Chateau have long and proud histories of helping people in our communities. In 2023, Suzy and Le Chateau launched its “Hope and Dignity Initiative” – a project focused on assisting selected community shelters across the country for women and their children who are experiencing domestic violence and abuse.

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